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This study was conducted to determine the relationship between the level of ability and participation in the classroom in elementary school students in Aligudarz. To achieve the purpose of this study, active students were identified using checklists and then by performing functional tests, their level of ability is measured. The statistical population of the study consisted of the third-grade students of Aligudarz city in the academic year of 1396-97. Then, 50 of them were selected through a targeted sampling method. The findings of this study indicate that there is a relationship between the level of students’ ability and their participation in the classroom. For this reason, dynamic students in the classroom are progressing, but non-dynamic students do not make much progress. By using the methods outlined in this text, student participation increases.


participation in the classroom, students’ ability, schizoid

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Rafiee Afousi, H. . (2018). Study of The Relationship Between Academic Level and Ability of Third Grade Elementary School Students and Their Participation in Classroom Activities. European Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 1(3), 39–42.