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Education plays an important role in the worldly life and the Hereafter of the human being and in order to achieve a better society which provides the grounds for personal development and social areas, benefitting form different methods of training is quite useful. In other words, education, in fact, in a way, is a change of attitude, and because and attitudes have a close relationship with the insights and worldview and the ontology of the person, it enjoys certain stability. To change this attitude one should implement programs in this complex process do that the person to bring him close to whatsoever is the purpose of their creation and development. Therefore, one of the factors in the development of human beings is appropriate education by using direct or indirect methods so that humanity can benefit from a sound and appropriate insight and attitude.
Among the methods that address this important issue is the model approach and in other words, emulating others. The model training method is one of the comprehensive approaches and is very effective in training. It is being comprehensive is because it is applicable in all affairs and stages of life and since it offers the content of education objectively and practically; it is very effective in conveying concepts and teaching educational programs.


model, teaching, training, growth and efflorescence, Quran and tradition (Sunnah)

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Rahimi, L. ., & Esmailian Khamseh, L. . (2018). The philosophy of the Model in Islamic Education. European Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 1(1), 16–24.