Correlation between Visible Teaching and Inquiry – Based Learning

Proceedings of The World Conference on Teaching and Education

Year: 2019


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Correlation between Visible Teaching and Inquiry-Based Learning

Mihail Calalb




This work examines modern constructivist teaching approaches with a strong feedback component. The author shows that a bidirectional teacher – student communication is a mandatory part of any modern teaching methodology. This fact corresponds to the theory of Visible Teaching and Learning (VTL). The article describes shortly the concept of Inquiry-Based Education (IBSE) and demonstrates the existing strong correlation between VTL and IBSE. The research analyses the impact factors on learning and academic achievement of series of constructivist teaching methods. The author underlines the role of two important factors: communication and student’s personal learning effort in the formation of sustainable knowledge. In addition, the article presents three mandatory components of any successful teaching approach: inspiring teaching, positive student-teacher relationship, and high expectations for students’ achievement. Describing in the context of VTL theory the main features of IBSE the author concludes that the shifting should be done from learning by doing to learning by understanding or even learning by being. At the end of the article, the author enumerates ten factors related to the correlation between VTL and IBSE.

Keywords: visible teaching and learning, inquiry-based education, feedback.