A Study on Mimar Sinan’s Magnificent Work ‘Maglova Aqueduct

Proceedings of The World Conference on Engineering and Technology

Year: 2019


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A Study on Mimar Sinan’s Magnificent Work ‘Maglova Aqueduct

Filiz Karakuş




Known as the best architect of all times, Mimar Sinan has attracted attention with his mastery, engineering intelligence and craftsmanship for hundreds of years. Mimar Sinan is the person who immortalized the most brilliant political period of the Ottoman Empire with his architectural works. In this study, one of the most spectacular works of Mimar Sinan, the Maglova Aqueduct will be discussed. After obtaining information about the Maglova Aqueduct from various sources, the aqueduct was examined in situ. Then the drawings were made and the deteriorations were determined in accordance with the findings in the on-site inspection. But; physical analyzes of the structure and materials could not be performed in the laboratory. In addition, since the foundations of the structure are currently under the Alibey Dam, no healthy measurements could be made and the survey drawings could be made from the old drawings. The reasons for the deterioration were determined and the issues that should be considered for the conservation of such type of works are stated in the conclusion section. In this study, it is aimed to draw attention to the Maglova Aqueduct, one of the most important works of Mimar Sinan, and the protection of this aqueduct.

Keywords: Ottoman Period, Mimar Sinan, Maglova Aqueduct.