Governmental Investments statistic and tourism at the Balkans

Proceedings of the World Conference on Business, Management, and Economics

Year: 2023



Governmental Investments statistic and tourism at the Balkans

Vasileios Baratsas, Panagiotis Tzavaras




The Balkan region has proved to be an always controversial territory. Through a long history and many controversies, the area has risen to a popular destination. Common and uncommon elements make it a unique destination. Tourism has provided a sustainable source of revenue, as in every destination. Public investments is an important element of every activity in order to flourish and to bring private investments. Through the public investments in infrastructure, superstructure, education we can provide a better tourist experience. In our paper, we discuss 5 countries of the region. Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Republic of North Macedonia. All of these destinations have drawn the attention of other countries and institutions for investments, like China and Russia. In order to take a look in the public investments and the tourism development we compare core national accounts aggregates like the G.D.P., G.C.F., G.F.C.F. and the inbound tourism in under investigation countries. Data indicate that there was a slow-down in each country’s economy during the Covid-19 but then the production increased (GDP). The G.C.F. has a stable rate for the first years and then increase for each country. Data for the G.C.F. for the tourism industry exist only for Bulgaria and show a decrease and a negative G.C.F. indication that assets must have been sold. Data for the G.C.F. for the transport equipment and total construction have fluctuations without extreme increases or decreases, showing a stable rate of asset accumulation.

keywords: Investments, Government, Statistic, Balkans, Tourism