School Management in Preparation of Pre-service Science Teachers

Proceedings of The International Academic Conference on Teaching, Learning, and Education

Year: 2019


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School Management in Preparation of Pre-service Science Teachers

Zuzana Haláková, Soňa Nagyová and Tibor Nagy




The domain of school management represents an important part in pre-service teachers´ vocational preparation and inexperienced teachers´ advancement. The question is what kind and depth of knowledge should they have at command before entering the school building, or the classroom. In the contribution, there are several proposals how university students can acquaint themselves with different areas of school management interest. The purpose is to describe and to analyse approaches to the teaching it in Slovak conditions. The eight year´s lasted experience is presented and during this period 446 pre-service science teachers went through the content in semestral study. We were analysing their effort, their products created during lessons, or assignments prepared for the lessons. Several of the problems were solved in small groups (usually of three members), some of them were handed in individually, always precisely elaborated and evaluated. There were used the elements of basic analysis and the skilled observation of the students´ group or individual work. Many of the topics presented were considered positively remembering that they are connected and could be probably helpful for practice. A great advantage was, that when students had passed the school management course, they were going to sit in on class for their first professional experience and could discuss and elaborate many different problems live in school environment.

Keywords: comparative pedagogy, pre-service science teacher, school management.