ICT-Enabled Teaching: The E-Bug Project

Proceedings of The International Academic Conference on Teaching, Learning, and Education

Year: 2019

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/tleconf.2019.09.577

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ICT-Enabled Teaching: The E-Bug Project

Tsakirakis Yannis, Gennimata Dimitra, Farmaki Maria-Vassiliki and Papazacharopoulos Zachos




The main objective of the e-Bug project, launched in September 2009 in Europe, was to provide, across Europe, a new hygiene teaching resource for schools. The student website of the e-Bug project, hosting teacher resources and student activities, was launched in 2011 and was developed following successful school evaluation of the initial resource, providing interaction of the young people in Europe with high-priority public health issues (essential hygiene, prevention of infections and prudent use of antimicrobials), in a joyful and  pleasant manner that increased microbiology literacy in the society.In order to achieve its aim, the e-Bug website (www.e-bug.eu) is continuously enriched, by the cooperation of health and education professionals, to include disease fact sheets, more interactive games, quizzes, home experiments and downloadable resources, hence supporting the learning objectives, for both junior as well as senior school students. The student website is translated to all European languages, updated regularly and often visited by children and teenagers, as a resource for school projects and amusement activities. Furthermore, e-Bug is hosted as a link in webpages by various relevant public and private organizations and has been a reference for institutions, societies and health promotion campaigns initiatives. All the above offer a complete approach through the transformation of information to knowledge and the evolution of this knowledge to skills and behavioral trends, so that the harmful belief and practice of microbiophobia is dispelled and prevention of infections is achieved, in the future generations of planet Earth.

Keywords: ICT, education, prevention, teaching, e-Bug.