let’s get in touch vıa whatsapp: a study on university students’ perceptions on whatsapp in  efl classes

Proceedings of The International Academic Conference on Teaching, Learning, and Education

Year: 2019

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/tleconf.2019.09.575

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let’s get in touch vıa WhatsApp: a study on university students’ perceptions on WhatsApp in  EFL classes

Hacer Yilmaz Bulguru




Communication is a need and a must that is surrounded by many sources of technologies. Some, including computers, mobile phones, i-pads and i-pods are the inevitable parts of our new era. Social media technologies take part in EFL numerous different forms involving wikis, videos, podcasts, weblogs, Internet forums, social blogs etc. Such technologies adress many, especially teenagers by wallposting, blogging, video-sharing, picture- music sharing. Mobile phones applications offering various features aforementioned are a perfect resource to use in EFL classes. Launched in 2009, Whatsapp,  is one of the app that is prevalent among a great deal of teenagers. Hence, it might have a remarkable role in teaching a foreign language to university students. This study attempts to research the role of Whatsapp on the attitudes and feelings of students towards learning English. To do this, various out of class tasks will be assigned to pre-intermediate level of preparotory school students of English at Anadolu University, School of Foreign Languages during four weeks. The data will be gathered through a Likert type questionnaire administered to participants in the study following the four-week study period.

Keywords: Technology, EFL, Whatsapp, Integration of Mobile Technologies.