Categorization of Design Management Models for Innovation

Proceedings of the 4th international conference on knowledge and innovation in Engineering, Science and Technology

Year: 2018


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Categorization of Design Management Models for Innovation

Ugur Bac , Turan Erman Erkan



Today, innovation is the most important concept needed by the developing world. Innovation is considered as a “sustainable growth tool” and creates new employment opportunities while creating imaginative, dynamic work environment for businesses. A non-innovative firm will also lack the growth and survival power because the innovation is a factor that increases the employee competence and customer dependency of the business and as a result ensures the customer satisfaction. This study aims to research the design management techniques used by companies in Turkey during innovation creation phase. Design management emphasizes the increasing power of competition in market by creating a strategy which corporate brand and quality strategy. As a result of an extensive literature research general frame for design management has been determined. By using this mentioned framework a field study was conducted with the help of face-to-face interviews and observations to analyze the current situation in companies which operate in Ankara province. As a result of statistical analysis,number of companies in Ankara which are aware of the importance of innovation for design management and what level of innovation is occurred in these firms and how innovation typesaffect endorsement levels of companies have been determined.

Keywords: awareness; competitiveness; cultural design; design management models;innovation.