The Effect of Modeling Forming the Architectural Products

Proceedings of the 4th international conference on knowledge and innovation in Engineering, Science and Technology

Year: 2018


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The Effect of Modeling Forming the Architectural Products

Saad Mohsin Hmoud, Noor Mukhlis Ibrahim



This research aims to find modeling strategies that students of architectural department used to producing and formation their architectural projects, and study the impact of modeling types(handmade model, digital model, parametric model, etc.), on the relationship between architect conception and client Understanding. Research methodology: At the first section, the study examines the modeling concept, messages, Communication and the significance of model and modeling strategies. In the second section of the study discussed the modeling formation, Form production methods, modeling mechanisms types and what’s modeling methods that Adoptionfrom the students and how that Consistent in the expression of the architecture concepts. The research presented the modeling and design methodology and that Effectiveness on development students Skills and abilities in project presentation and understanding the simple forms and the complicated forms. In the third section of the study, Research analyzes different student’s projects and find the strategies of modeling according to the equipment available to them. Multiple modeling is introduce as a key modeling strategy in architecture project formation and definition the impact of differentiation modeling type on understanding the architecture design and presentation methods.

Keywords: design; digital-model; handmade-model; modeling-strategies; parametric-model.