Role of the Media in Turkey-Russia Relations

Proceedings of The International Conference on Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2019


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Role of the Media in Turkey-Russia Relations

Dr. Gönül Cengiz



Cultural and inter-civilization interaction between Russia and Turkey, today both governments have deep historical prestige and strong cultural roots that can bring the geopolitical role in the international arena closer in the sense of the Eurasian approach. One of the most important tools in the realization of this interaction is mass media. The media is one of the most active, powerful and confident forces that make public awareness, not only public but also manipulating political processes.Russia and Turkey media reflects in all aspects of relations between the two countries actively and consistently. The media of both states deal with many issues related to both domestic and foreign politics, usually based on the national economic interests, based on the problems of intergovernmental relations that are mutually beneficial in the economic sphere. New geopolitical conditions have changed the restructuring and priorities of media work of both countries. The role of journalism in the bilateral relations of the Russian and Turkish media and the handling of the current issues of Russian-Turkish relations also determine the image of both states in the Western media. The objective of the research constitutes the interstate political relations system and the media to examine the role of Russia and Turkey as well as relationships with one another, at the same time, to investigate whether the principles of journalism are being observed. The news sites of these countries are analyzed through content analysis method in 2018. At the same time, news coverage includes bilateral relations.As a result of research Turkey stance against Russia in the media, more objective, careful,realistic and well-intentioned rule is seen as versatile. Turkish journalists are in the process of participation in joint projects with Russian media that attitudes toward Russia in the formation of Turkey’s media image is affected in a positive way. In the Russian media it has reached the conclusion that given the news about Turkey as negative interpretive, more biased and unidirectional.

KeyWords: Turkey, Russia, Media.