Multi-sensory portable information system for monitoring and analysis of cardiac data

Proceedings of The International Conference on Research in Engineering and Technology

Year: 2019


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Multi-sensory portable information system for monitoring and analysis of cardiac data

Mitko Valchev Gospodinov, Evgeniya Peneva Gospodinova and Galya Nikolova Georgieva-Tsaneva



The scientific researches in the recent years in the field of personal cardiology are focused on the creation of a wide variety of portable electronic devices and systems for individual monitoring of the cardiovascular system. This includes: portable electrocardiography (ECG) devices, personal holters and blood pressure recorders, developed as a result of the advances in microelectronics, sensors, wireless communications and advanced software. An important advantage of the portable equipment is the ability to constantly monitoring and record the functioning and parameters of the cardiovascular system of the individual. This article presents the latest hardware and software development of a new portable information system for registration of cardiological data, based on the integration of ECG and photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors, operated in the highly integrated microcontroller system. Among the advantages of the portable system is the registration of the increased set of parameters of a person’s cardiac activity in real time – heart rate, R-R and P-P intervals between the heart beats, the pulse wave velocity in different body parts – arms, legs, etc. This allows for more precise diagnosis of patients in different life situations in normal living, which is based on a subsequent scientific analysis of the registered cardiac information through developed specialized software with implementation of various non-linear mathematical methods applied mainly at Heart Rate Variability analysis.

Keywords: cardiovascular system; ECG sensor; Heart Rate Variability; microcontroller device; PPG sensor.