Median and Maximum Frequency Analysis of Vibration Signals on Human Face

Proceedings of The International Conference on Research in Engineering and Technology

Year: 2019


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Median and Maximum Frequency Analysis of Vibration Signals on Human Face

Mehmet Umit AK, Suleyman BILGIN, Okan ORAL, Egehan CETIN, H. Feza CARLAK, Alper Tunga DERIN and Narin DERIN



     There are some studies in the literature in order to make the interpretation of human tissues having different characteristics. Some of these studies focused on the evaluation of human face tissues. Vibration signals generated from vocal cords have been used in these studies about human face tissues. However, any study using the vibration signals recorded by applying the external vibration source having fixed frequency value is not available in the literature. In this study, it is aimed to investigate the frequency characteristics of the vibration signals recorded from human face. These signals obtained from 9 different regions on the faces of subjects are analysed using frequency characteristics. In the analysis stage, median and maximum frequency values are calculated and evaluated. So, the softness and hardness interpretation about these regions on the face can be made and the frequency ranges of these regions can be determined. As a result, it is observed that low frequency signals are dominant in hard regions and high frequency signals are dominant in soft regions.

Keywords: human tissue, vibration signal, accelerometer, signal processing.