Digital Future Learning Model

Proceedings of The World Conference on Innovation in Technology and Engineering Sciences

Year: 2021


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Digital Future Learning Model

Sarma Cakula



At a time when the need for distance learning is becoming increasingly important, it is essential to identify and develop digital learning opportunities, developing technological support and digital learning methods accordingly. One of the most important aspects of e-learning is the personal motivation of the student, so the learning process must involve the student in an active way. There is an increasing shift towards active learning methods in full-time study. Various e-learning platforms have been developed, and more and more researchers are exploring the development of digital teaching and learning methodologies, but there is currently no fully-fledged digital learning technological framework to support the various active learning methods. The aim of the paper is to develop a conceptual technological model of active digital teaching and learning. The technological model of e-teaching and e-learning comprises several interconnected parts of a system that ensures the active involvement of both the student and the teacher in the learning process, ensuring a high quality knowledge sharing between the both sides.

keywords: active learning methods, e-learning, e-teaching, technological model.