Cybergogy in the Age of the Metaverse: Opportunities and Challenges in Private Pilot Licence Training

Proceedings of the International Education Conference

Year: 2023



Cybergogy in the Age of the Metaverse: Opportunities and Challenges in Private Pilot Licence Training

Dr. Eswaranathan Ehambaranathan




In the age of Metaverse, Private Pilot Licence (PPL) training has experienced remarkable changes due to rapid technology breakthroughs. Metaverse in private pilot training has led to a noteworthy alteration of traditional training approaches, as organisations now use the concept of cybergogy as a fundamental element of their training programmes. Cybergogy is a pedagogical approach that utilises virtual learning environments to augment learners’ cognitive, emotional, and social learning encounters. Cybergogy in the age of the Metaverse emerges as a dominant pedagogical approach that integrates conventional and contemporary instructional techniques and technological tools to foster a more immersive, individualised, and productive educational encounter, particularly within a virtual setting. The primary focus of this research study revolves around investigating the potential opportunities and problems organisations encounter while implementing cybergogy teaching and learning practices during PPL training. The study utilised a qualitative research approach, which was chosen based on its alignment with the ontological perspective that prioritises subjectivism. The epistemological framework has been applied in approaches rooted in interpretivism. The present study adopted a grounded theory methodology and utilised semi-structured interviews as the primary means of data gathering. The research used a sample size of six participants with the support of the snowball sampling technique. The results indicate that in the age of Metaverse, cybergogy is a promising teaching and learning approach for PPL training as it is significantly immense, interactive, and inclusive. However, it is acknowledged that some challenges must be carefully considered, encompassing aspects such as access, security, and technical issues. The outcomes of this research are expected to be applied in developing teaching and learning strategies that could enhance future PPL training.

keywords: Cybergogy, Metaverse, Private Pilot Licence, Aviation, Teaching and Learning