Over tourism in Polish Tourist Areas: Causes – Characteristics – Counteraction

Proceedings of The International Conference on Tourism Management and Hospitality

Year: 2021


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Over tourism in Polish Tourist Areas: Causes – Characteristics – Counteraction

Piotr Majdak



The phenomenon of overtourism is defined as “excessive tourism”, which influences the daily life of the reception environment in an excessively destructive and destructive way. Consequently, it should be considered that this concept refers not only to situations in which the parameters of tourist capacity are exceeded, but also those in which there are feelings of discomfort and excessive pressure leading to the degradation of the local social, cultural and natural environment. Importantly, the phenomenon concerns not only tourist cities or areas of natural value, but also specific museums, viewpoints, point attractions, and sometimes also rural areas. The growing number of places struggling with the problem of overtourism indicates the need to look for solutions that will minimize the effects of excessive tourism pressure. In this context, interesting solutions are provided by the concept of sustainable development, which postulates, among other, searching for compromise solutions that take into account the postulates of all interest groups operating in a given area. The starting point for considerations presented in the article is an analysis of the theoretical framework of the overtourism and sustainable development. Subsequently, the results of own research were presented, whose essential purpose was to identify factors affecting the shape of overtourism in Poland. The conclusions present the catalog of practical solutions that can contribute to minimizing negative factors in tourism.

keywords: excessive tourism; sustainable development; tourism.