Factors Motivating Customers to Pay More for Staying in Green Hotels

Proceedings of The International Conference on Tourism Management and Hospitality

Year: 2021


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Factors Motivating Customers to Pay More for Staying in Green Hotels

Abdullah Isam Qubbaj, Prof. Angel Peiro Signes



The tourism industry seems to have taken a shift to make their present operations green mainly considering the rising demands of the customers for eco-friendly products and services. This piece of paper is concentrated to address one of the most significant trends observed in the hotel industry that is to gauge customers’ willingness to spend a higher amount for staying at green hotels. The essence of this paper is to uncover the different factors that can serve as a motivational force for customers to give preference for staying at green hotels rather than conventional hotels. A major issue that green products/services are usually exposed to comprises the high prices that somehow serve to curb customers’ purchasing power. However, this study has adequately highlighted that today’s customers are highly considered to be eco-conscious and they don’t bother paying a premium amount in return for witnessing green practices undertaken by the hotels.  A qualitative study has been incorporated in this study and all the relevant information has been extracted from different secondary sources that comprise research articles and credible websites to adequately support the claims made in this research. The findings of the study proclaimed that the rising environmental awareness has played a crucial role in influencing customers’ behavior to allot a greater chunk of money for availing the services of green hoteling. Lastly, the implications part of the study highlights that the green practice adopted by the hotel sector yields favorable outcomes for both the hotel sector and the customers.

keywords: tourism sector; green hotels; environmentalism; willingness to pay premium; green practices.