Literacy Activity to Elementary School Teachers

Proceedings of the International Conference on Social science, Humanities and Education

Year: 2018


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Literacy Activity to Elementary School Teachers

Norma Monigir and Sovi Masinambow



Information era is identic with literacy era that discribe the ability to communicate, to interact, to actualize both spoken and written language. Literacy is an ability of someone to do the skill of language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing to communicate in the different ways according to its purpose. Language is a tool of communication that need to be mastered of all the people of the entire world. The ability to communicate one to another can create the better condition in life for young children as well as adult. To make the young children to interact well among them, the elementary school students need much more vocabularies. The students can find the vocabularies from various ways but literacy activity is the best way. The purpose of the literacy activity is the elementary school teachers be a good model and motivator in interacting to students with peaceful condition in and out of class. To reach this purpose, the teachers need to know, to master, to love, to have any kinds of strategies how to implement the activity of literacy skill to the students as basic of communication and interact to others. The ability of literacy skill of the students influences the ability of mastering the text both spoken and written and even in predicting the visual one. That is why the improvement of literacy should be done as whole: listening, speaking, reading, and writing through the various kind of story books for children with appropriete strategy. The key to reach this goal is the teachers, so they have to be trained how to implement the literacy skill to students. After trained the teachers have to show that they can implement the literacy skill to the students. The students start the literacy activity with reading the story books, retell the story to others while they are listening, and the last one is rewriting the story by using their own words. They also can discuss the story and create the the other one based on the text they have already read and discussed.

Keywords: literacy skill, elementary school teachers.