Preschool Teacher Training In Turkey

Proceedings of the International Conference on Social science, Humanities and Education

Year: 2018


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Preschool Teacher Training In Turkey

Necdet Taskin



Studies related to increasing the quality of preschool education in Turkey have accelerated nowadays and these studies have historical background. In first phase preschool teacher training institutions were two-year teacher transfer schools, then these schools were integrated into modern education understanding by widen their extension as being four-year undergraduate degree. Context of undergraduate program was renewed by determining features of preschool teacher but this renewal was not emerged under the effect of 2nd constitutionalism understanding.The preschool teacher training programs in universities have been opened under the title of elementary departments before 2000 years so transferring among programs have became flexible and these programs have trained preschool teachers according to politicizes of central authority MEB and YOK teacher undergraduate programme was renewed when undergraduate programmes were renewed in 2006 and 2018 and great importance was attached to development liberal education sufficiency. Nowadays, sufficiency rates in preschool teacher undergraduate programmes have been applied as %50 scope knowledge, % 25 pedagogic information, % 25 general culture and ability

Keywords: Preschool, teacher, training, education, Turkey.