Postcolonial India in Salman Rushdie’s Novel Midnight’s Children

Proceedings of the International Conference on Social science, Humanities and Education

Year: 2018


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Postcolonial India in Salman Rushdie’s Novel Midnight’s Children

Aleksandra Jovanović



Midnight’s Children tells the dramatic and extraordinary story about postcolonial India. The novel depicts the historic events which shaped the life of India that we know today through the portrayal of personal history of Sinai family. Midnight’s Children is a critique of Indian mentality, diversity, politics and history, but at the same time a study on human relations.In this paper I will try to explore the historic events in relation to the personal affairs. I will focus my attention on the far-reaching consequences of these events on the path of the country and on the individual lives of its citizens. Ultimately, I will attempt to answer the challenging question: Why have the diversity, plurality and cultural and religious differences divided a country and destroyed the lives of so many people, including the midnight’s children?

Keywords: India, history, diversity, plurality, religion, postcolonialism.