A Multistage Study of Enhancing Mental Well-Being in Young Researchers

Proceedings of the International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities in the 21st Century

Year: 2023



A Multistage Study of Enhancing Mental Well-Being in Young Researchers

Seydi Ahmet SATICI, M. Engin DENİZ, Ahmet Rifat KAYIŞ, Begüm SATICI, İbrahim DEMİRCİ, M. Çağrı AKSU, Sinan OKUR, Fatma Betül YILMAZ, Gaye BIRNİ, Hasan KÜTÜK, Yağmur KAYA, Zahide Gül KARAAĞAÇ




This study aims to introduce and further elaborate on a multistage project for enhancing young researchers mental well-being which is recently funded by Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TÜBİTAK) and COST-European Cooperation in Science and Technology.  The project will be completed in four stages. In order to improve the mental health of young researchers, the first phase of this project aims to test a hypothetical model that incorporates psychological resilience, intolerance of uncertainty, and future anxiety. The project’s second phase involves conducting an experimental study both offline and online to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention program that will be created based on results of phase 1. To improve the mental health of young researchers, the third phase of the project will train professionals who work in the counseling and psychology application and research centers/units of various universities in Türkiye. The project’s fourth and final phase aims to create a smart web and mobile application that will quickly and effectively assist young researchers in finding solutions to their mental health issues in light of the information gathered in the project’s first three phases. The application that will be created will be both web-based and mobile in order to increase the research’s widespread impact. In this study, authors will elaborate on project aims and prospects, and gain feedback from the scientific congress audience.

keywords: future anxiety, intolerance of uncertainty, mental health applications, psychological resilience, researcher wellbeing