Drafting of research instruments to study the development of television news brand identity

Proceedings of The International Conference on Social Sciences in the 21st Century

Year: 2019

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/ics21.2019.07.369

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Drafting of research instruments to study the development of television news brand identity

Praweenamai Baicloy and Jantima KHEOKAO



Brand identity of Thai television news programs has not attracted attention from researches despite it is as the soul of media brand. In the digital television era, a strong brand identity is an important factor in its success. It helps the audience differentiate the news program brand from competitors, make the brand stand out, and directly impact to profitability. To study the development of Thai television news brand identity, the starting point is to draft the research instruments. This article aims to collect and synthesize research instruments for the study of the development of television news brand identity. This study is a qualitative research that provides a systematic review of existing researches. Sixteen articles in Google Scholar and EBSCOhost database in 2000-2018 were found relating to television news brand identity. Two articles are Thai researches, while other fourteen articles are international researches. Twelve papers (from sixteen papers) used the quantitative method, two papers used qualitative method and two papers applied mixed-method. Among the papers using quantitative method, the survey with questionnaires as research instrument is applied most. There are five researches directly focusing on “Brand Personality”. The other elements of “Brand Identity” (Brand vision, Brand culture, Brand positioning, Brand Relationship and Brand Presentation) are not stated explicitly in the reviewed papers. In order to fulfil a brand identity model for TV news program, further study in the other TV brand identity elements shall be conducted.

Keywords: Brand identity; Media branding; News program branding; Television news.