Identifying Emotional Intelligence and Metacognitive Awareness among University Students

Proceedings of The International Conference on Research in Psychology

Year: 2019


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Identifying Emotional Intelligence and Metacognitive Awareness among University Students

Perikova Ekaterina I, Byzova Valentina M.



The aim of this study was to research the attitude between emotional intelligence and metacognitive awareness in a group of university students. The participants were 178 students from the departments of the Psychology and Biology of Saint-Petersburg University. There were using questionnaire: EmIn Questionnaire by Lyusin D., Metacognitive Awareness Inventory (MAI) by Schraw G. & Dennison R.S. adapted in Russian by A. Karpov & I. Skityaeva, the Self-organization of Activity Questionnaire by E. Mandrikova, The differential reflectivity test by D.A. Leontiev and E. N. Osin. Means, standard deviations, regression, correlation, factor analysis were used to analyze the data. Results indicated a significant positive correlation between emotional intelligence (EI) subscales (“Interpersonal EI”, “Intrapersonal EI”, “Emotion Comprehension”,“Emotion Comprehension”) and metacognitive awareness. The results of multiple regression analysis using meta-cognition as predicted to subscale “Interpersonal EI” and “Systemic reflection”. These results mean that the Metacognitive knowledge and Metacognitive regulation is influenced by the ability to understand and control other people’s emotions of the university students. The strength of the correlation indicates that a generally high level of metacognitive awareness is related to a high level of emotional intelligence.This work was supported by RFBR Grant 18-013-00256А.

Keywords: meta-cognition, interpersonal emotional intelligence, reflectivity, self-organization of activity.