Sustainable Development for Future Generation i Context with Buddhonomics

Proceedings of The International Conference on Research in Humanities

Year: 2019


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Sustainable Development for Future Generation i Context with Buddhonomics

Rev. Wadigala Samitharathana Thero



This research paper attempts to give an exclusive approach of Buddhonomics in context with United Nation Millennium Development Goal (UNMDG), bring together balanced and sustainable model of growth policy for present and future generation. Right from beginning of the civilization, mankind engaged in fighting to get basic need for survival that is food, shelter and cloths. As advancement of human civilization and innovation of new technology, basic need for survival expanded to a greater undefined limit. Apart from food, shelter, cloths, now education, health, right and liberty are coming under basic need. Buddhonomics itself a sustainable growth model governed by Buddha’s principles that more concerned about equality, social justice and empowerment. Instead of Growth centric economic policies determine by DGP (Gross Domestic Product) as a welfare indicator, Buddhonomics implement and determined by happiness and sustainability. UN Millennium development goals initiated by United Nation on the recommendation of Brahimi committee states that, every individual has the right to dignity, freedom, equality, a basic standard of living that includes freedom from hunger and violence and encourages, tolerance and solidarity, basically a Buddhonomics objective having numbers of subjective areas. Today humans not more than commodities. Around 3 billion population of the world are living in DAD syndrome (Dollar a Day). Profit driven growth ignores human and ecological values.
Growth is nothing but the desire, when luxury become necessity, desire growth leads to more growth. In the name of growth, we are blindly consuming our natural resource that altering face of the earth. Our hunger for selfish greed created number of social and economic problems. And now democratic process indulges in saving humanity from imminent disaster. Today our biggest challenge is sustainable growth. Desire of selfish growth and ignorance of human and ecological values is “Dukkha”.Buddhonomics is a strategy that gives emphasis on balancing economy and ecology for sustainable development and concerned about sustainability for future generation. Buddhonomics give importance to satisfaction that is inner happiness and peace and narrowing desire that gives sustainability not only inter-generational but intergenerational development.

Keywords: Buddhonomics; UNMDG; Sustainable Development; Future Generation; Satisfaction.