The Pilgrimage: An Educational “Route”?

Proceedings of The International Conference on Research in Education

Year: 2019


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The Pilgrimage: An Educational “Route”?

Josiane Peres Gonçalves



Assuming that the dimension of the personal life of educational professionals is not unrelated to professional activities, this study aims to investigate the influence exerted by the social and family relations of teachers in relation to the teaching profession. Field research was carried out with five male Brazilian teachers, with recording individualized interviews. The results indicate that: teachers were children of illiterate parents or those with low educational level, but both the family and the community where they lived, valued school education and these family and social relationships contributed to the successful development of the professional career of the teachers; the research participants built integrated families who supported them in the profession, including because most of the wives were also teachers, thus facilitating the balance between personal and professional life. In this way, we understand that the social and family relations of the teachers were considered preponderant so that they could develop with quality their professional activities in the area of education.

Keywords: teaching; family; formation; personal life; professional life.