Learning by Design Using MATLAB

Proceedings of The International Conference on Research in Education

Year: 2019

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/icreconf.2019.04.221

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Learning by Design Using MATLAB

Maysoon M. Ababneh, Mutaz A. Ababneh, Ali Hamouda and AbdulRahman N. AlHarbi



This paper describes the use of Learning by Design (LbD) as an innovative approach to teaching and learning where students decide their own learning and are allowed to show what they have learned. By this approach, students can tailor their own education. The study utilizes a MATLAB – based graphical user interface (GUI). By this means, learning outcomes can be improved, teachers’ workload can be reduced, and students will be more engaged and motivated via LbD. The study describes how LbD and MATLAB transform a course from the traditional lecture-based format to a Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) format. It also shows how Blended Learning (BL) is used in the Madinah College of Technology (MCT) in teaching binary arithmetic and logic circuits. This process starts by instructing students on how to use MATLAB along with assigning videos for them to watch and analyze. Additional discussions ranging from basic to complex topics will be provided during lab class. Furthermore, students will be allowed to practice MATLAB during the lab class. Student learning will be assessed at the end of the lab class using MATLAB. Later, assignments will be given to students via Blackboard to complete.

Keywords: MATLAB, Learning by Design(LbD), Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), Student Engagement.