An Experimental Investigation ofTrust Antecedents and Willingness to Help

Proceedings of The International Conference on Research in Business, Management and Finance

Year: 2019


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An Experimental Investigation ofTrust Antecedents and Willingness to Help

Kivanc Inelmen



Trust is deemed essential both in having a fruitful leadership relationship and for positive follower outcomes. Drawing on this, the aims of the exploration reported here is two-fold. This study first investigates whether the leadership relationship is influenced by the dispositional factors that the leader brings in the situation. Secondly, the paucity of an additional antecedent of trust, i.e. predictability offered by the manager, is also explored. The mostly convened four antecedents forwarded by the Integrative Model of Organizational Trust, were complemented in this investigation. A regression model was developed to test these premises with an experimental investigation (n=40). The analyses provided that the employed model was successful in identifying which participants were initially exposed to which of the two Scenarios. Thus it was concluded that the dispositional factors are important for most people. Moreover, the results also point at different antecedents to be taken into account as key correlates, should a manager encounter work related difficulties or personal emergencies. The findings provided empirical support for the proposition that when employees felt that they can have confidence in work related ability and integrity of manager, they are more likely to offer help to a manager in need. No support, however, could be provided for benevolence and predictability as antecedents. Implications and future research avenues are explored.

Keywords: trust in manager, willingness to help, experimental study, Turkish sample.