Restful Contexts

Proceedings of the International Conference on Modern Research in Engineering, Technology & Science

Year: 2019


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Restful Contexts

Cevat Serkan Balek , Nadia Erdoğan



Too much emphasis on nouns or data leads to architectural styles which almost always neglect the importance of verbs or behavior which are needed to complete the sentence. Inheritance is neither sufficient nor suitable for capturing the form of function, we need more suitable concepts like contexts. This study presents an extension to Restful Objects Specification with all necessary constructs to support DCI execution model, not only to bring back the importance of form of function but also to enable querying contexts and executing interactions; all of which can only be achieved by specifying the communication of network of objects in collaboration as the third dimension in computation besides storage and transformation as properties and methods. As Restful Contexts increases readability and enhances behavioral specifications with new constructs like roles, attacking problems like distributed transactions within microservices will be easier.