Introduction of the Rebuild (Relationship Building Dance)® method

Proceedings of the International Conference on Future of Teaching and Education

Year: 2019


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Introduction of the Rebuild (Relationship Building Dance)® method

Anna Zsófia Erdőfi



Dance makes a scenic effect on relationships, but this theme has not known scientific literature yet. Dance is empirically a new way in a couples life to know each other better, to bring the values and strengths of their relationships out and to develop the dyadic communication in a novel, unused language. In the last eight years we have been working with more than 340 couples that were engaged or married, and from this experience we developed a unique teaching method. It combines techniques from competitive ballroom dance and psychological methods as well as excercises, which proved there was a great impact on development and conformation of relationships. During the personal work with the couples (which lasts 6-8 weeks in private classes) we use relationship building tasks alongside the dancing instruments which are serving mainly the progress of communication, conflict resolution and intimacy. The impact assessment of our method is now in progress – we compiled a test kit (questionnaires of intimacy, personality, relationship satisfaction and investment) and gather quantitative data for statistical analysis beside the anecdotal, qualitative evidences and feedbacks we got so far. Our method is preventive-educative: its goal is enriching, building and preserving relationships and marriages, but later on working with family- and couple therapists together it could be applied in therapeutic field for saving relationships in crisis.

Keywords: relationship, marriage, ballroom dance, strengthening of relationships, teaching method.