Integrating Technology in the Teaching Process For Better Learning Outcomes

Proceedings of The International Conference on Advanced Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2019


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Integrating Technology in the Teaching Process For Better Learning Outcomes

Abas Hadawey, Robin Jones, Raveendran Sundararajan and Shatha Haddowe



Considerable study has been conducted on the teaching and learning of mathematics for engineering undergraduates. This paper describes preliminary research results of technology integrated teaching processes to enhance the teaching and learning process. The theory under investigation is that by taking advantage of developments in technology combined with appropriate learning theory, students should be exposed to the topic through different delivery methods in order for them to ‘digest’the subject matter. This approach is generally referred to as Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) and is increasingly becoming an expectation from higher education students.The aim of this investigation was to implement a technology in the teaching process, to facilitate the learning and understanding development of the students and encourage the students to participate with module contents outside the classroom. Also to determine the apparent effectiveness of the application of the technology to assist with the learning process.The application of the suggested TEL investigationinvolved filming the solutions of the weekly tutorial questions of Advanced Engineering Mathematics and Modelling (level 5), uploading them on-line to Moodle VLE. Students were given access to these video files as an extra teaching tool thereby allowing students to review the content at their own pace, as the videos became available. The video tutorials included recordings of problem solving by hand writing the solutions with complimentary voice instruction. The study used qualitative methods and worked in partnership with 90 undergraduate students to explore their experiences of using the video tutorials The collected data revealed that around 85% of students felt that using the video tutorials (VT) in the tutorial sessions helped them learn the course materials, feel more engaged, confident with how to deal with the topic, support the independent learning,assessing their learning and prepare them for the exam.

KeyWords: TEL, learning styles, video tutorial,teaching engineering mathematics.