A Competency Framework for Virtual Hr Professionals in an Artificial Intelligence Age

Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Research in Management, Business and Economics

Year: 2019


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A Competency Framework for Virtual Hr Professionals in an Artificial Intelligence Age

Bharti Pandya



HR is at the crossroads where digitization has transformed workplace to the virtual workplace. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) is risking jobs creating shortage of competencies like creativity, imagination, innovation, adaptability, and cognitive skills. The purpose of this research is to systematically investigate the competencies required in virtual HR professionals in the AI Age, to critically analyse the HR competencies, and to develop a HR Competency model aligned with the HR jobs expected in 2030.
An Interpretivism- Deductive approach was applied to analyse HR competencies, using PRISMA model. The interviews of 16 HR professionals were thematically analysed to synthesis the Competencies required in the virtual HR professionals in an AI age. An Inductive-Latent analysis approach and six phases of thematic analysis were administered to extract competency domains, competency clusters, and competency factors.
The thematic analysis produced 36 competencies, 14 clusters, and allocated to 4 competency domains. The 14 competency clusters included competencies such as Data science, Agreement/Contract management, managing time zones, mobile HR, instant HR, social branding and technological business acumen.
A Virtual HR Competency model was developed to scholars and practitioners with interest in future HR jobs, competencies development, virtual professionals, HR automation, and Artificial intelligence in HR.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence in HR; Competency Models; HR Competencies; Virtual HR; Virtual professionals.