The Determinants of Organizatonal Citizenship Behavior (Case Study of Government Offices in Indonesia)

Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Research in Business, Management and Economics

Year: 2019


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The Determinants of Organizatonal Citizenship Behavior(Case Study of Government Offices in Indonesia)

Jhon Veri,Elfiswandi and Muhammad Ridwan



This study aims to investigate factors affecting organizational citizenship behavior ( OCB ) in government offices in Indonesia , based on phenomenon that there is the jobs should have been undertaken in together only resting on one person only so that in order to make the performance of the job can be settled by quickly and correctly to becoming an obstacle the main. In this research the sample of the used was 44 civil servants and techniques used in the sample collection is the method census based on distribution the questionnaire with the methods data analysis uses the quantitative using software smartPLS.3 .The results of the study explained that behavior altruism civil servants is still low hence required style leadership that could provide motivation intrinsic impact on improving the OCB and influential also on the performance of civil servants.

Keywords: Leadershi Style, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Motivation.