The Mechanism of Design and Use the Colour Cards in Teaching

Proceedings of The International Conference on Advanced Research in Education

Year: 2019


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The Mechanism of Design and Use the Colour Cards in Teaching

Sharifah Alghamdi



The value of using active response techniques in the classroom has often been claimed, but published evidence to support the effectiveness of response cards is limited (Horn, 2010). This study examines their effectiveness in a girls’ primary school in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and therefore makes an original contribution. A sample of 80 pupils, aged 6-7 years in Year One, was randomly selected and allocated to two intervention and two control groups. An additional sample of four teachers was selected using a purposive sampling technique. The impact of colour response cards on academic engagement and disruptive behaviour was investigated in experimental activities,along with feedback from the pupils. Further data were collected from the teachers in regard to how the response cards affected their decision-making. A mixed methods approach was adopted pre- and post-observation to answer the research questions, employing observation, a questionnaire survey, and semi-structured interviews.

Keywords: academic engagement ;colour response cards; feedback.