Leadership During Economic Crisis Following The Employees’ Needs

Proceedings of The 9th international conference on Management , Economics and Humanities

Year: 2019


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Leadership During Economic Crisis Following The Employees’ Needs

George Xanthakis



The financial crisis has discredited the leadership and management practices of firms,triggering a wave of thinking and experimentation that caused changes in aspirations and practice in organizational leadership and management in every sector. Crisis highlights the rapid changes in board practices and articulates some clear direction for change in the structure for management. This situation crisis seems to be a powerful catalyst for change in both the theory and practice of HR management.The current research initially explores the latest literature review about the crisis, crisis leadership and the motivation and highlights its connection with the leadership. Then using a qualitative approach investigates and analyzes the working conditions during the crisis, highlights the employee’s needs, the potential motivation factors and draws the profile of the new effective leader based on employee’s approach. The current paper intends to establish the role and the profile of the leader during the economic crisis conducting a research through the architect Engineers in Greece.

Keywords:  leadership style, motivation, Greece, HR management.