Love Vandal Series: Open Mic Real Time Emoticon Phenomenon (Like, Comment, And Share)

Proceedings of The 9th International Conference on Humanities, Psychology and Social Sciences

Year: 2019


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Love Vandal Series: Open Mic Real Time Emoticon Phenomenon (Like, Comment, And Share)

Ma Rosalie Abeto Zerrudo, Shaira Marie Jopson



The urgency for selfies has flooded social media on a daily basis. The personal becomes universal in one click. A new kind of community has emerged to connect virtually. The human interactions has exponentially changed into emoticons. Though attractively curated social media posts has many advantages, many appear excessively self-serving and alienating. The culture of trash and violence has multiplied faster than usual. However, on the other side of the coin, real positive action is happening. As a proactive mission to address social violence, inspired from the Compassion Games, students engages in a performance game through messaging in real time and actual space.
A proactive game reinvented enhances the experience to connect in real time with Love vandals expressed in doodles and visual talking posters creating a dialogue, engaging and inviting the students to a game of compassion. The interactive “love vandals” around the campus serves as the space for creative expression, a conversation, a fire starter that breathes a constructive expression and interaction in the campus. A series of performance tasks suggested in the “love bingo” and “game of compassion” shall lead the gamer as the “agent of compassion” to complete the “love vandals” with a reward. The game engages and challenges the gamer to transcend pain and distress into powerful creative messages of inner goodness and connecting with other people.
This process embraces an inter-textual research develops into a compilation of visual and performance art pieces. The “love vandals” project explores a performance game anchored in human experience giving students their own freedom to explore and create visual narratives through art works and live performance. The “love vandals” unfold the inner universe of students and share their goodness and compassion.

KeyWords: compassion games; creative expression; emoticons; love bingo; love vandals; social isolation.