BrainData – Modular software for synchronous data recording from BCI

Proceedings of the 8th International conference on Research in Engineering, Science and Technology

Year: 2018


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BrainData – Modular software for synchronous data recording from BCI

Georgi P. Dimitrov, Galina S. Panayotova , E.P. Kovatcheva and  Olexiy S. Bychkov



Nowadays the importance of EEG signal processing for scientists and software developers is growing steadily. They constantly need reliable and quality raw data for their research. One of the problems is synchronizing the different data. The accurate and unambiguous identification of experiment results demands exact and high quality data to be received from the Brain Computer Interface (BCI) device. For this purpose we need a software which allows to record what the participants see and feel during the experiment and ensures its planning and realization. During the experiment we also need to have the opportunity to simultaneously record and process BIG DATA[3].This includes different types of data recorded at the same time, such as: raw data from the BCI, display of participant’s visual percetion, video recording of the experiment and others. For this purpose The system should allow interoperability – receiving data from the BCI system, data processing, data exporting, communication with other systems and apps, which can use this type of data. BrainDatais a modular software for synchronous data recording from BCI and surrounding environment during experiments.

Keywords: Integrated information systems, Brain Computer Interface, BCI, BIG Data, data processing, sensors, Emotiv.