Environmental and Ecological Concerns in Indian academic environment

Proceedings of the 8th International conference on Research in Engineering, Science and Technology

Year: 2018

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/8rest.2018.11.60

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Environmental and Ecological Concerns in Indian academic environment

Atul Mishra



Since the historic meeting on environment held at Stockholm in 1972, environment and ecological issues have become hot topics of debate and discussion in economic, political and academic world. Besides various reports prepared by the United Nations and other international institutions, different countries have also prepared several reports and have framed laws to protect the environment and ecology. No doubt, passing laws and crating awareness through conducting seminars/conferences, media and NGOs are essential for environment protection and ecological sustainability, but formal education on environment and sustainable development particularly for those students who will rein the future economy and will manage the future resources for economic growth in the capacity of managers, technocrats and administrators, is even more important. Although quite a few institutions have already started courses on environment education leading to M.Sc. degree, yet these courses lack inter-disciplinary and holistic approach and mostly focus on environmentalscience and ignore the socio-economic issues related to environment.Due to globalisation, our fast changing values, culture and perceptions are directly or indirectly responsible for ecological and environmental crisis. Our old culture of ‘Preservation and conservation’ is now gradually being shifted to ‘use and throw’ culture which is exerting more pressure on the carrying capacity of nature and posing a problem of waste disposal. Therefore, it is high time now to seriously think on these issues so that the sustainable use of our natural resources may be ascertained and intergenerational equity may be maintained. The present paper attempts to deliberate on the issues of introduction of environment and ecological concerns in HSS disciplines of technical institutions.

Keywords: Environment Education, Ecological, Conservation.