Microcredit role in secure Housing for low-income Community in Nepal

Proceedings of ‏The 8th International Conference on Modern Approach in Humanities

Year: 2020

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/8th.mah.2020.02.14

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Microcredit role in secure Housing for low-income Community in Nepal

Bhakta Kumar Puri



This research is a study on Microcredit impacts in the poor urban community organized by the Lumanti NGO in Nepal. The research investigates how microcredit (saving and credit) performs a significant role in the accessibility of secure housing to the low-income community in Nepal. The research paper also examines the role of microcredit to build collective action in community groups for their socio-economic welfare in urban poor and low-income communities in Nepal. The research paper applied a mixed-method to collect data and information that participated in 104 respondents. The findings expose that microcredit is an essential tool for those poor communities. The small credit system has been performing a crucial role in access secure Housing through small credit landing. Many households have positives changes in their housing quality, such as being capable of building a secure house by receiving a small and flexible loan after being a member of the saving groups nevertheless. Still, some of the households are incapable of building secure housing.

Keywords: Microcredit and secure Housing in urban community/ Small credit and housing/Microcredit and community/ Microcredit and Development.