Role of Multintcdia Technology in English Language Teaching

Proceedings of The 8th International Academic Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences

Year: 2023



Role of Multintcdia Technology in English Language Teaching

Awadh Kishor Pandey




English is a global language and it is spoken either as a first language or second language around the morld. It is the tnedium of conveying or exchanging information for education, judiciary, health business and Inany 1110t•e purposes. It gives more opportunities to the states and individual to develop skills and it also helps in their growth. This paper presents the role of Multimedia Technology in English Language Teaching. Around the world, there are many countries where English is taught with traditional method. This method is now not effective in modern language teaching. With the rapid progress of science and technology, Multimedia Technology and its application to teaching, which includes audio, visual, and animation effects, has come into full play in English class teaching, creating a favorable environment for reform and exploration of the English teaching model in the new era. Multimedia Technology helps the students to improve their communication capacity if it is executed appropriately while English Language Teaching. This paper reveals how Multimedia Technology helps to widen student’s knowledge to gain an insightful understanding to the world.

keywords: Multimedia, Technology, Traditional Method, Animation Effects, Insightful