Dialogue and narrative in Paul Ricoeur’s philosophy

Proceedings of the 8th International Conference On Humanities, Psychology and Social Science

Year: 2018

DOI: http://www.doi.org/10.33422/8hps.2018.10.112

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Dialogue and narrative in Paul Ricoeur’s philosophy

ChongYoon CHUN


Able to talk and talk to each other, human beings discover not only their fellow men, but also the different ones who oppose them. Because of these differences, the man is particularly exposed to the risk of disagreement and division. Disagreement and division sometimes lead to conflict, violence and war. Faced with such risks, the role of communication, of public discussion, is important. The act of communication aims in principle at the similar in the different. In other words, he may seek to hear a reasonable disagreement. In this context, I emphasize Paul Ricoeur’s contribution to the problem of communication. Ricoeur makes efforts in education for discussion and communication. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully examine the theory of dialogue and narration in Ricoeur.

Key Words: Dialogue, Dialogism, Communication, Narrative, Text .