Providing a Model for Designing a Decision-Making System Using Fuzzy Opinion Mining Process

Proceedings of ‏The 7th International Conference on Innovation in Science and Technology

Year: 2020


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Providing a Model for Designing a Decision-Making System Using Fuzzy Opinion Mining Process

Majid Jangizehi, Javad Hosseinkhani, Abdolreza Rasouli Kenari, Asma Roshandel Hormozi



Nowadays, the development of information and communication processes has caused organizations to obtain the views of a wide range of their users by various ways and using methods such as data mining and more specifically, web mining, make this data meaningful ultimately exploring knowledge through this data. This research, as one of the main parts of web mining, deals with the subject of opinion mininig and emotion analysis. The main background of this research is the undeniable ambiguity in the heart of people’s beliefs and feelings; because most people express their opinions and ideas using verbal variables that are inherently ambiguous. On the other hand, the existence of such ambiguity makes the managers of the organization hesitate to make timely and appropriate decisions since they are not aware of the main purpose of users. Therefore, in the present study, a model based on fuzzy theory has been proposed to remove the ambiguity of people’s opinions and feelings in order to provide a suitable decision in the organization. Afterward, with the use of the toolbox of MATLAB software a decision-making issue in which the opinions of individuals expressed with verbal variables are disambiguated. The results show that fuzzy theory is a suitable tool for disambiguating the ideas and feelings and is very effective when making decisions among a wide range of opinions expressed with verbal variables.

Keywords: Data mining, web mining, opinion mininig, fuzzy theory, decision,Disambiguating.