“The road to Buea”: State-driven violence and the Anglophone call for secession in Cameroon

Proceedings of ‏The 7th International Conference on Innovation in Science and Technology

Year: 2020


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Innovation and Knowledge TransferIn The Field of Fine Arts




What is the role of the fine arts and its education in the 21st century? What kind of ecosystem is needed to create innovative education in fine arts higher education, where can meet business, science and fine arts? How can knowledge transfer be accomplished? What methods can be successfully applied to the field of art that have proved successful in other fields?How can fine art be competitive and be expected to be? How can fine arts get sources? How can the following be interpreted in the field of fine arts: Fine arts versus creative industries: differences and building on each other. Innovation, research and development: what can be called research during the work of a visual artist? Start-ups and fine arts. Blockchain and fine arts. Opportunities and obstacles.As a case study, the paper presents the activities and experiences of the university innovation ecosystem initiative in Hungary.

Keywords: blockchain, case study, ecosystem, fine arts, higher education.