Performing Management In School Organizations And Entrepreneurship

Proceedings of ‏The 7th International Conference on New Ideas in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2020


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Performing Management In School Organizations And Entrepreneurship

Georgiana Florența Onișoru  and Daniela Dragomir



In order to fulfill the mission, the school organization must design strategic plans that it will follow closely. The link between the management of the school organization and entrepreneurship can be observed in the strategy approached by the manager.EntreComp (2016) defines entrepreneurship as “a transversal competence, which can be found in all spheres of life: from facilitating personal development, to active participation in society, to (re) insertion in the labor market, as an employee or as an employee. Freelance, and until the start of an initiative (cultural, social or commercial). “Davidoff and Lazarus (2002) argue that the management of a school organization should target two categories of strategies: organizational development strategies, and curriculum development strategies.A school institution uses strategic management if it monitors changes in its external and internal environment, anticipates future trends and sets goals and objectives according to them, formulates strategies for achieving them, respects planned activities and constantly evaluates the achievement of goals.

Keywords: management, startegy, education; entrepreneurship; performance.