Business Model Disclosures – support framework for Cyber Security Management

Proceedings of ‏The 7th International Conference on New Ideas in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2020


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Business Model Disclosures – support framework for Cyber Security Management

Aleksandra Ferens



Background: The selection of the right business model has recently become a key issue for many business entities which aim at maintaining their market position as well as creating their added value. A business model defines a group of financial, strategic and organisational elements that impact one another and explain how the enterprise creates value for the organization and clients. An important element of individual components of a business model is to ensure security for activities that may infringe the confidentiality and veracity of processed data. The author therefore proposes to introduce a description of the ‘cybersecurity information’ model into the overall firm’s business model and present it in the integrated report of an enterprise.
Methods: The author used literature analysis in the field of business model and cybersecurity, and on this basis, applied the methods of analysis and synthesis to the proposed business model. In addition to theoretical studies, empirical studies will be carried out on the integrated reports of selected companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
Results: The author of the paper proposes to build a ‘business model’ of the enterprise which takes into account interactions with the cybersecurity system in the firm.
The proposal of a ‘business model’ which involves aspects of cybersecurity will increase the firm’s value and its competitiveness.

Keywords: business model, cybersecurity, integrated report.