Target Corporate Learning Paradigm – Peculiarities and The Features

Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education

Year: 2023



Target Corporate Learning Paradigm – Peculiarities and The Features

Prof. Dr. Natalya Pavlivna Bürkle




Lack of human resources, retiring the ‘baby booms’ generation, geopolitical issues, increasing the cost of production because of energy prices have led to the strict necessity of saving financial resources of companies and to work as efficient as possible. Although reducing costs at companies is considered as a demand nowadays; it does not mean that the companies are not oriented to self-development of the staff and further education; it means that the quality of teaching should be much higher and much more efficient. The author presents the peculiarities of implementing the designed Target Corporate Learning Paradigm (TCLP). Its features, challenges, key points as well as the draft of its concept are discussed in the article. The introduced paradigm is seen as a demand of the modern society and the author gives reasons for that. Therefore two questions research questions are formulated: the first – what the main idea of Target Corporate Learning Paradigm is, and the second – what the possible challenges of its implementation at corporate learning are. Further research should be devoted to making the full structure and a model of Target Corporate Learning Paradigm, pointing the functions, tasks pros and cons. Also it would be useful to present the data showing its effectiveness and analyzing the outcome.

keywords: learning paradigm, corporate learning, target corporate learning paradigm