Using a T.V. Series to Teach Leadership Online

Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education

Year: 2023



Using a T.V. Series to Teach Leadership Online

Jolyn E. Dahlvig, Ph.D.




This paper explores using television episodes as case studies in an asynchronous online course. The results of a multi-phase Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) project examined how the case study assignment contributed to student engagement and collaborative problem-solving and meeting course, program, and university learning outcomes in a doctoral organizational leadership course. A thematic analysis of 40 pages of student-generated text yielded four themes: (a) abstract concepts came to life within the TV series, (b) Peet and colleagues’ Netflix series, The Chair, was relatable and connected to students’ personal experiences, (c) watching characters navigate leadership encouraged students’ vicarious learning, and (d) the assignment generated specific applications for students’ leadership. The findings substantiate previously published research on the benefits of case studies and television in achieving learning goals. The paper concludes with recommendations for implementing television-based case studies.

keywords: asynchronous pedagogy, case study, leadership, television