Augmented Reality Within the Past Five Years in Turkey: A Systematic Review

Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education

Year: 2023



Augmented Reality Within the Past Five Years in Turkey: A Systematic Review

Asst. Prof.  Pelin Derinalp




This study provides a systematic review of the literature on augmented reality (AR) focusing on the last five years in the Turkish context. Web of Science was used as the database. ‘Augmented reality’, ‘Turkey’ or ‘Turkish’, ‘Education Educational Research’ were applied as search parameters. The results were limited within the past five years (between 2018 and the first seven months of 2022). During the first run of the search 54 studies appeared, however, when analysed closely, it was found that five of those studies did not meet the search criteria. Hence, this study synthesises a set of 49 studies. Qualitative content analysis is adopted to investigate the general view of augmented reality research in Turkey. The studies were analysed based on the changes by years, fields that they were conducted in, methods that were used, and the aspects that they focused. The findings suggest that 2019 was the year with the most publications. Another finding of this systematic review was that almost %40 of the publications among the given parameters were in the Science field. When it comes to the methods, it seemed that the quantitative research method was the most popular among the analysed publications. It was interesting to see that most of the studies focused on investigating the effectiveness of AR in spite of the vastness of the studies claiming its benefits. This study encourages researchers to investigate more about different aspects of AR such as how to decrease if not fully overcome the barriers that AR users face or how to integrate AR better to the current teaching-learning process in order to enhance the learning experiences. This study also invites researchers to adopt different research methods than mere quantitative ones in order to have a deeper understanding of AR in educational use.

keywords:Augmented reality, Education, systematic review, trends, content analysis