Global Notarial Digitization

Proceedings of The 7th International Conference on Social sciences, Humanities and Education

Year: 2022



Global Notarial Digitization

Dr. Mihaela Agheniței, Dr. George Cristian Schin



Digitization is one of the priorities of these times, as we all know and understand, both at the individual and institutional level. However, the pace and way we will make the change will have to consider many factors, not just the desire to develop at the pace of technology.
The context is clear: European institutions aim and even succeed in accelerating the digitization of justice to the highest level, and artificial intelligence has already become conscious, which is wonderful, and it will not be long before the result of artificial intelligence arrives before us at home.
This article aims to briefly present the European trends in this matter, especially the steps taken by notaries in France and Romania in this direction, but also to support some reasons why we believe that now, more than ever, it is very important to hurry slowly.

keywords: Digitization, artificial intelligence, authentic electronic act, probative force, notary