The Meaning of Eating in Indonesian Culture through Grab Food Advertisement

Proceedings of The 7th International Conference on Modern Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2023



The Meaning of Eating in Indonesian Culture through Grab Food Advertisement

Listia Natadjaja, Paulus Benny Setyawan



In Indonesia, the activity of eating embedded with elements of morals, ethics, traditions, and social culture. Eating is a symbol of self-personality, which includes the subject’s social level. This symbol for the culture of eating is then used by the online transportation company Grab and used as a tagline. The purpose of this research is to reveal the meaning conveyed by the Grab advertisement entitled Don’t Forget to Eat with Grab Food which is associated with Indonesian eating culture. This is descriptive qualitative research which is analyzed using Rolland Barthes semiotics to reveal its Mythology. Don’t forget to eat, is a promotion as well as an appeal that produces two sides of meaning. This meaning transparently refers to the call to maintain health through eating, to respect oneself by not forgetting to eat. Grab uses the mother symbol to personify himself. In education, mothers always try to make their children better individuals than her selves. Mother is a foundation stone mental and personality of a child. Even in religion, the existence of a mother is considered as the face of the family. From an economic and corporate perspective, as if Grab wants to tell its competitors not to interfere with the relationship between mother and child. This online transportation service company does not see consumers as clients who generate economic benefits only, but consumers are children who they will protect with assistance that is full of love and wisdom.

keywords: mother, mythology, semiotic, social culture, symbol