Digital municipal governance on the example of Batumi Municipality

Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Modern Approaches in Humanities and Social sciences

Year: 2023



Digital municipal governance on the example of Batumi Municipality

Natlia Lazba, Data Kobaladze




In the process of reforming the public administration on the modern stage and accelerating the pace of informatization development and being successful on the local level are becoming crucially important. Here we cannot deny the value of the new instruments of informatization while solving the traditional tasks. It is important to establish information technologies not only in direction of solving informational or accounting-statistical tasks but also in interaction ones as well.
These mean that the web page of the municipality should not only serve to post some information on it but it should also ensure involvement of the citizens in the activity of the municipality. The mentioned additionally means more transparency of the local government and active participation of the people in the process of decision-making.
Despite the fact that many important steps have been made towards the development of electronic governance in Batumi Municipality, there are still some public institutions challenging the implementation of innovative decision making of the electronic administration and it is especially visible in the municipalities. Here still exist some gaps regarding the openness and transparency of municipality business and electronic involvement of the citizens in the public political communication.
Unfortunately, the bodies of the local government do not often own the skills of proper and effective communication and technical abilities to be open and transparent with citizens.
Herewith, in order to strengthen the local government, it is very important to implement electronic governance and work on strategy development, which is one of the current problems in the municipalities of Georgia.
However, at the modern stage, it is the electronic municipality that should be the information-communication system of local self-government bodies, which ensures the creation of conditions for making effective decisions in municipal formations, as for the management of a unified socio-economic system.

The introduction of electronic municipality and the use of modern technologies in municipal management is important in many ways, it contributes to: creating infrastructure for providing services in electronic format, creating electronic document circulation, improving the activities of self-government employees and raising the level of technological awareness and information culture of the municipality’s population.

keywords: Digital municipal governance, Public Administration, Development